SSR - Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Listen to how four people benefited from the CBPT program.

Listen to Hugh talk about his experience before and after surgery. He describes how important the CBPT Program was for his recovery. He discusses how the program helped him reduce stress and return to important recreational activities.

Lance had a lot of pain before spine surgery and was unable to stand for long periods of time. Listen to Lance talk about his fear of being active after surgery and how the CBPT program provided him with information to decrease this fear.

Mollie talks about how the CBPT program helped her recover quicker. Listen to Mollie talk about her favorite parts of the CBPT program which include deep breathing and a walking program. Mollie mentions that the CBPT program helped her balance her negative thoughts with more positive ones.

Listen to Anthony talk about how the CBPT program helped him meet his goals. Anthony talks about how the program helped him take charge of his recovery.