SSR - Changing Behavior through Physical Therapy (CBPT)

Changing Behavior through Physical Therapy (CBPT)

CBPT is a program designed to help you recover quickly. The program will help reduce the impact of pain and stress on your body, mind, and activity level. You will learn ways to increase your activity and return to a normal life by:

  • Taking charge of your recovery
  • Setting activity and walking goals
  • Relaxing and distracting yourself from pain and stress
  • Changing negative thoughts and feelings
  • Balancing rest and activity
  • Creating a personal recovery plan

The CBPT Program recognizes that YOU play an important role in your recovery. You, working with your health care providers can do a lot to decrease your pain, increase your activity, and improve your quality of life. CBPT uses techniques that have been scientifically proven to decrease pain and stress and increase physical activity.

The CBPT Program consists of 6 weekly sessions with a trained physical therapist. The program can be done in person or over the phone. The sessions cover pain management strategies, setting activity and walking goals, replacing negative thinking with positive thoughts and feelings, and managing setbacks. The program will help you develop weekly action plans that are based on your goals.

CBPT is not a substitute for medical care, physical therapy or individual counseling. It is designed to help you work with your doctors and therapists. Through CBPT you will discover there are many things you can do to help with your recovery.

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