SSR - Clincian Testimonials

Clincian Testimonials

Listen to physical therapists and a surgeon discuss the benefits of the CBPT program.

Susan Vanston is a physical therapist with 15 years’ experience. Listen to her talk about the CBPT program and how it fits into physical therapy. Susan describes the benefits of deep breathing, pacing, and managing setbacks. She also talks about the importance of motivational interviewing techniques.

Brittany Bennett is a physical therapist working in an outpatient clinic. Listen to Brittany talk about how the CBPT program helps with shared goal setting and building a better relationship between patients and therapists. She shares how the CBPT program provides therapists with the skills to help patients who feel overwhelmed by the recovery process.

Clinton Devin is an orthopaedic spine surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Listen to him talk about how important it is for patients to engage in their recovery process. Dr. Devin describes how the CBPT program helps motivate patients and provides them with emotional support after surgery.