SSR - The Science Behind SSR Programs

The Science Behind SSR Programs

Spine Surgery Recovery (SSR) Programs are based on scientific research about how to improve your outcomes after surgery. Below is some basic information on what research tells us about the SSR Programs. All the programs share common principles.

You are in charge. While doctors and other health care professionals can help, much of your health depends on you, and what you do.

Tailored to your specific needs. Rehabilitation programs have been developed for people dealing with a variety of health conditions. We know from research that programs work best when they are tailored to a person’s specific needs. SSR Programs were designed specifically for people who are coping with pain, stress, and reduced activity after surgery. Experts in the field of rehabilitation have contributed to the development of the SSR Programs. The programs are customized to meet the specific needs of people like you.

Builds confidence. The SSR Programs help build your confidence in managing pain and stress related to your injury and surgery. As you develop your skills, and experience success, you are better able to handle setbacks.

The SSR Programs are not a substitute for medical care, rehabilitation therapy or individual counseling. The programs are designed to help you work with your doctors, therapists, and others to prevent pain and disability after surgery from controlling your life.