SSR - Yoga Program

Yoga Program

The SSR Yoga Program is designed to help you develop a healthier lifestyle to support your recovery. The program will teach you how pain and stress affect your body, mind, activity level, and behavior. You will learn ways to support healing by managing your pain and stress through:

  • Gentle movements without increasing your pain
  • Movements linked with breathing
  • Awareness of your body, breath, and mind
  • Focusing your mind while staying relaxed
  • Building strength and stability for your back

The SSR Yoga Program encourages you to take an active role in your care. This program will ask you to do exercises regularly to help you establish new health behaviors.

The SSR Yoga Program consists of 6 weekly sessions with a yoga teacher. The sessions can be done in person or through the Internet using interactive video. The Yoga Program covers gentle movement to decrease pain and stress, connecting the breath, body and mind, linking breath with movement, and building strength and stability for the back.

The SSR Yoga Program is not a substitute for medical care, rehabilitation therapy or individual counseling. It is designed to help you work with your doctors and therapists. Through this program you will discover there are many things you can do to help with your recovery.

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