SSR - The Science Behind Yoga

The Science Behind Yoga

The SSR Yoga Program focuses on supporting your recovery in mind and body after surgery. You will learn ways to use gentle movement and relaxation exercises to change your experience of pain and stress. The program is based on scientific research about how to use yoga to reduce back pain, reduce stress, and improve mood. Below is some basic information on what research tells us about yoga.

Gentle movements reduce pain. Movements used in yoga focus on improving the function of your back without causing more pain.

Breathing techniques. Breathing techniques will help you relax. Relaxation supports healing by calming your mind and body and improving your mood.

Develop awareness. Yoga will help you develop more awareness of your body, breath, and mind. As you develop awareness, you will learn how stress, emotions, and different activities or choices may affect your health. This awareness will support a healthy lifestyle and improve your recovery.

Having a regular routine. Committing to a regular yoga practice will allow you to be an active participant in your care and recovery. Regular practice will help you establish new habits that will help you reach your goals.

The SSR Yoga Program is not a substitute for medical care, rehabilitation therapy or individual counseling. It is designed to help you work with your doctors, therapists, and others to increase your activity and prevent pain and stress from controlling your life after surgery.