SSR - The Science Behind Education

The Science Behind Education

The SSR Education Program focuses on what to expect after surgery and things you can do to promote healing and prevent future injury. The program is based on scientific research about how to improve expectations and satisfaction after surgery. Below is some basic information on what research tells us about education.

Knowledge enhances adherence. By understanding your medical condition and role in treatment, you are likely to have better follow through with medical and rehabilitation treatments.

Education must be relevant. It is important to have education that speaks to your immediate needs and provides practical information.

Learn at your own pace. Educational programs that allow you a choice in what you learn and how you learn are more helpful.

Effective programs address expectations. Every person’s recovery is very different. Some people will have a smooth recovery and everything will go as expected. Others may continue to have pain or other symptoms. To help reduce stress, it is important that you know what to expect after surgery and have realistic expectations.

The SSR Education Program is not a substitute for medical care, rehabilitation therapy or individual counseling. It is designed to help you work with your doctors, therapists, and others to increase your activity and prevent pain and stress from controlling your life after surgery.